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Dental Surgery Services in Indianapolis, IN

dssYou don’t need to avoid dental surgery out of fear of the hospital or concern about navigating treatment with several specialists. Dr. Kinney maintains cutting-edge training, technologies, and expertise to handle complicated procedures in several disciplines of dentistry in the comfort and convenience of the Noblesville Dental Associates office. If a referral is necessary, Dr. Kinney maintains relationships with the top specialists in the area to ensure smooth coordination and optimal outcomes. We take the fear, guesswork, and hassle out of dental surgery.

Dental Implant Surgery – Using updated surgical techniques, we can minimize your pain and give you the best possible result when replacing missing teeth.

Mini Implants – Mini-implants secure ill-fitting partials or dentures more reliably so you can relax and enjoy a wider range of foods without concern.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed for space issues or to alleviate infection or decay, we make sure the experience and recovery are as comfortable and easy as possible.

Gum & Bone (Periodontal) Therapy – When gums pull away from the teeth and those pockets become infected, the body’s natural response is to break down the bones, gums, and tissue supporting your teeth. Periodontal therapy can reduce or reverse these effects, and prevent the loss of your teeth.

Bone Grafts – Bone grafts replace portions of the jaw that atrophied or were removed during tooth loss or removal so that we can place dental implants of proper length and width. Stronger foundations for dental implants improve the functionality and appearance of your smile.

Sinus Lifts – When natural upper teeth are removed, the sinuses may only be separated from the mouth by a thin wall of bone. We surgically lift the sinuses to offer more stability for dental implants and prevent sinus trouble.

Biopsies –When we suspect oral cancers, because of changes in your mouth tissue or suspicious lumps or sores, we perform a biopsy of the tissue in our office and submit it to an oral pathology lab for a microscopic examination.


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