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Preventative Dental Care in Indianapolis, IN

pdPreventative dental care involves more than just regular teeth cleanings.  Our regular patients spend 50-75% less than average on dental treatments over time because we make each hygiene appointment therapeutic, and also focus on prevention and early intervention for dental problems.  Our goal is your overall health as well as improving your smile, so we go the extra mile in every preventative care cleaning.

Comprehensive Exams – Dr. Kinney thoroughly checks for cavities, oral cancer, periodontal disease, structural issues, TMJ disorder, and any other possible concerns that may cause problems in the future.

Dental Cleanings – Our friendly, knowledgeable dental hygienists perform a meticulous professional dental cleaning and teach you how to keep your smile healthy.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy – When patients have periodontal disease, we also perform a special therapeutic cleaning to augment other treatments.

Oral Cancer Screening – According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, someone dies from oral cancer every hour of every day in the United States.  At every routine check-up we thoroughly examine the oral cavity and surrounding tissues to look for any signs of cancer.

Home Care Education – Just as every person is different, so every dental care plan must be different. Our hygiene care specialists work with Dr. Kinney to create a home care routine that is best for your individual needs.


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