Happy man in a dentist’s chair beside a dental hygienist

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires a collaborative effort between you and your dentist.

That dentist becomes more than a dentist; they become your smile partner!

The practitioner needs to offer an array of routine and preventative servicesThis link leads to Family Dentistry page and provide support to help you achieve optimal oral health.

The health and beauty of your smile are so important. Doing your homework is a smart thing to do when choosing the right dentist in Noblesville, IN.

Personal decision

First and foremost, choosing a dentist is a highly personal decision. What works for one person may not be ideal for another.

Therefore, we recommend mentally noting your desired characteristics in a practitioner and their team as you search.

1. Get referrals

Before you start your online search, we recommend getting referrals.

Ask your friends and family who they use as their dentist.

Inquire if they ever needed any dental procedures and how the outcome was.

Discuss how they feel when they’re in the office.

Let’s say you’re specifically looking for cosmetic dentistryThis link leads to Cosmetic Dentistry page. Ask if the dentist offers those services.

2. Research the dentist’s credentials

Take the dentist’s credentials into consideration as you compare.

See where the practitioner attended dental school and if they completed additional training outside the standard eight-year requirement.

For instance, check if they completed any specialized training in dentistry or a certification program to offer a specific treatment.

Look into any professional memberships they have with accredited dental organizations.

3. Consider the dentist’s experience

As you’re choosing the right dentist, consider experience.

You want someone who’s been practicing for a while and has had the opportunity to develop a reputation in the area.

Our Dr. Wayne KinneyThis link leads to Doctor’s page, for instance, has more than 35 years of experience.

And though Dr. Kitcoff is younger, he’s had the opportunity to make a name for himself and gain valuable experience while practicing at Noblesville Dental Associates.

4. Consider gender

During your comparison process, consider gender because you want a dentist you feel comfortable with and are willing to confide in as your smile partner.

5. Evaluate communication style

Communication is of the utmost importance when selecting a dentist.

You want a practitioner who explains concepts in a way you understand.

Not to mention, you want a dentist who listens and answers your questions accurately and thoroughly.

Part of this also entails choosing a dental practitioner who takes the time you need.

You can witness the dentist’s communication style firsthand by scheduling a consultation with one or more practitioners who stood out.

6. Read patient reviews

Patient giving a four-star review of a practitioner

Discover how a dentist rates with patients by reading their online reviews.

Ideally, the practitioner should have mainly positive reviews with few to no negative ones.

As you read reviews, consider how patients feel about the services they received, the care provided, and the dentist’s chairside manner.

7. Know what your insurance covers

While it would be nice to have no restrictions when choosing your dental provider, a dentist out of your network could cost you more than one in your network.

For this reason, keep your insurance provider in mind. Often, you can find a list of in-network dentists on their website.

Noblesville Dental AssociatesThis link leads to Home page stresses the importance of choosing the right dentist in Noblesville, IN, and having that smile partner to guide you through your journey to good oral health.

We have dentists with experience and supply a range of services.

Plus, when you see how easy we are to work with, it might just seal the deal.

Give us a call (or send us a message) to see if we’re the right office for you.


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